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At first, my Mom, Isabel, wanted me to wait til she wrote out a thank you to all of you so it could get posted, but she hasn't been feeling well, and I don't want to wait anymore to thank you, so this is from me, her daughter. I'll post her personal Thank you when she's well and has it ready...hope you all understand.

This is very long-winded, I hope you'll excuse me for that, but I don't want anyone or anything to be overlooked. My Mom and I have such full hearts from all you did for us, and just don't feel we can thank you all enough or give you enough recognition, ...we send our love, & we'll be thanking everyone forever!! We're so blessed!

We'd like to THANK YOU, SEAN, AND EVERY ADAM FAN out there for all the love, support, and donations for my Moms' trip to see ADAM. It has been a dream of hers for the past year to meet Adam and see him in concert.

Now it has become a reality, as you all know, because of a wonderful man named Sean, who saw something in my Mom on her Youtube video, that reminded him of his grandma, and touched his heart as a fellow Adam fan.
Sean saw the Happy Birthday video of my Mom on Youtube, and did a Q & A with her on his blog. A person reading it, Louise, had some extra concert tickets, she offered them to Sean, but he couldn't go, so he suggested she gift them to us. Louise did offer them to us, (THANK YOU, LOUISE). We told her we couldn't come up with the money that fast to afford plane tickets & the trip, so she should donate them to Adams' charity.

Well, Sean decided that my Moms' wish SHOULD come true to see Adam, and posted on his blog asking Adam fans to donate to get my Mom and I to Indio for his concert.

That's where you ADAM FANS came through. Adam fans from all over the world saw Sean’s blog site requesting donations, and many of you gave money for us to get plane tickets and to pay for expenses such as meals, tips, taxis, wheelchair, oxygen, & Adam memorabilia.

We want to THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU SO VERY MUCH, ADAM FANS, for donating your money to send my Mom to fulfill her dream to see Adam. This gesture was so self-less of all of you to do for her. I know there are many of you who donated, that didn't even get to go see him yourself, but have such big hearts that you helped send my Mom, Isabel to see him...this just doesn't happen! I've never heard of any fans doing this before, for anyone! At this day & age, with the economy so terrible, I can't believe the outpouring of so much love for my Mom to the extent of donating your own hard-earned money for perfect strangers to go to a concert. UNBELIEVABLE!! THANK YOU~THANK YOU~THANK YOU!!

There were 2 concert tickets gifted to us, so we both went. I took care of her, and pushed her in a wheelchair, so she didn't get too winded from all the walking around & excitement all weekend. Now, I do realize that this trip was donated for my Mom, because of her age and love for Adam, but because of there being 2 tickets, and my Moms' medical needs; you all donated enough for both of us to go so I could assist her. Because of your generosity, we BOTH feel very blessed that we were able to enjoy this together as mother and daughter. I will have these memories spent with my Mom forever after she's gone, and they are truly memories of a lifetime, so THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH FROM ME AS WELL!!

Sean, Ann, Rod, Julie, Ciara & Lisa, along with many others, worked tirelessly to get accommodations set up for us at Fantasy Springs where we stayed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; medical supply needs for a wheelchair and nighttime oxygen for my Mom; airline tickets; a chauffer-driven car to pick us up at the airport & bring us to the hotel; and other incidentals that were set up to make our trip as easy and non-hectic as possible.

Ann did much of the corresponding & planning to help Sean. She set up the paypal account and email address in my Moms' name, and accounted for all the monies that were donated from people all over the world. She set up arrangements with the airline and medical supply company, booked the flight, and took care of so much of the planning. She kept me on track many times on the phone this past month to relay messages, tell me of our accommodations, and she & I also chatted many hours...what a sweetheart she is, and now a dear friend of mine. She printed out the online card Sean had set up, and sent it along with the other items that Sean had for my Mom. She got a money order for the balance of monies donated for our trip that remained after she paid for plane tickets and other expenses. This money order was included in the gift box she sent to us from Sean. There are many other things, I'm sure, that I don't even realize or know about that Ann was responsible for. She's very modest about the part she played in this. THANK YOU SO MUCH, ANN!! LOVE YOU!

We'd like everyone to know that Sean, Ann, and these people that assisted them, put their own lives aside for nearly a month to make the plans and accommodations needed to send my Mom on this trip. They spent many, many hours corresponding with all of you on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, emails, name it, getting the word out about my Mom, Isabel, and asking for donations and any amount of help you could give.

Sean took it upon himself to place calls to Fantasy Springs, RCA, 19Entertainment, and various media sources to ask for my Mom to get a meet & greet with Adam. He even set up an online greeting card for Adam fans to sign for my Mom; which she received in a gift box with some glitter spray, nail polish, a bracelet, a sparkly scarf, and other things he bought for her for the concert. He kept in touch with me by tweets and email, asking any questions and informing me of things we needed to know. He took quite a beating online from many nay-sayers, trying to undermine his sincerity and integrity, and saying that he's just scamming everyone. I know it hurt him very much, but he handled the situation with dignity, and just kept pressing on to keep his plan for my Moms' trip in action. Now, as you all know, this was no scam. Sean wanted nothing for himself. He only wanted an elderly lady to have her dream fulfilled before her time comes...a bond they have as fellow Adam fans. Again, as I said about Ann, Sean also did many more things than I can even imagine or realize, or haven't been told. He's very modest about this as well. Sean, you truly are our Angel, and we'll always adore you for the beautiful, caring person you are. THANK YOU SO MUCH, SEAN!! LOVE YOU!!

Ann, you are an Angel to us too, and we'll never forget your giving heart for my Mom. If there were more people in this world like the two of you, the world would be a much more beautiful place!

Rod & Julie, we know you helped Sean with planning as well, and we'll never forget your kindness. I was never told what you did, but was told that you two helped. It was so nice to meet the two of you last weekend, you are in our hearts also.
THANK YOU BOTH VERY MUCH!!...and Thank you Rod for giving my Mom the gift of Adams' medallion, she just loves it!

Ciara, PR Manager of Fantasy Springs, set up hotel rooms for us, inviting us to stay Friday and Saturday free of charge. She also invited us to the Glamily Reunion on behalf of the hotel/casino. Ciara called me periodically to set up arrangements for stay, and to inform me of media attention for my Mom when we got there. She took care of us once we were there, seeing to it we got to talk to reporters, news crews, and places we needed to be; even took us backstage to see Adam. She saw to it that we were well taken care of during our stay. Such a nice person! THANK YOU, CIARA!!

Lisa, Box Office Manager of Fantasy Springs, took care of getting us seats on the floor, so my Mom didn't have to climb any stairs, we had great seats in the 4th row on the right. She pushed to get my Mom a meet & greet with Adam, and took care of us while we were backstage. She saw us to our seats for the concert, and made sure we were well taken care of. She was also very accommodating and nice to us. THANK YOU, LISA!!


( I will be taking another video of my Mom, Isabel telling about our trip, and thanking all of you as soon as my camera gets fixed! Again, it'll be posted on Youtube, and Sean will be putting it on this blog as well. )


Friday in Indio; Manager of Fantasy Springs Resort/Casino, Paul Ryan, greeted us at our arrival with 2 bouquets of beautiful flowers. Later that day, Roses were sent up to our room for my Mom from all of you fans wishing her to have a fantastic time with Adam...Thank You sooo much, they were just beautiful!!

Also, there were news cameramen waiting for us at the outside doors of
Fantasy Springs when we arrived, video-taping my Mom getting out of the car, and asking her questions. They followed us into the hotel, and we were greeted by other hotel staff with open arms. The people employed there are just fantastic, they treated us wonderfully, so kind, and right there assisting all weekend, without us even having to ask.

After we dropped our bags in the room, my Mom was interviewed for the local evening news, in the resort Coliseum, where we were shown our seats for the next-day concert.

In the evening, we went to a restaurant called Players Steakhouse right there in the casino. We met Louise, who gifted us the tickets, met other fans there, took pictures, and had dinner. The manager, Dominic was so nice, he was right there to make sure everything was perfect for my Mom. He treated us like royalty.

Other Glamberts filled the dining room, and we were all in there for about 3 hours meeting, hugging, and sharing our twitter names, emails, addresses, stories, and love for Adam. Glambert fans are most definitely the greatest, most dedicated and passionate fans ever! We had already made many new friends that first night!

Saturday, we made sure my Mom rested up early in the day, because we knew the evening was going to be long and tiring for her. At 4 p.m. there was a press conference scheduled for her to be in the local newspaper. When we got down to the lobby, Monte and Tommy, (Adams' band members), were right there waiting to meet my Mom. They took a picture with her, and Monte gave my Mom a handful of Adam beads. Then she met with the reporter & photographer. We also met Longineau, Adams' drummer, in the lobby, and got a couple pictures with him, he was very nice to us.

From 5 - 7 p.m. was the Glamily Reunion, which Fantasy Springs invited us to. This was held for the Adam fans. They had a beautiful buffet for everyone there, videos of Adam playing, a full bar, and a band. After the Reunion, Ciara, PR Manager of Fantasy Springs, along with security officers, brought us to backstage...where Adam was meeting VIP's. When it was our turn, I started pushing my Mom towards Adam...he saw her, and rushed to her, lol, he didn't even wait for us to get to him...what a guy! He threw his arms around her and gave her such a big hug. He knelt down by her and said, "I saw your Happy Bday video to me, and I loved it, thank you soo much!" He chatted with her a bit, and then the FS photographers asked us to pose for a picture together. I showed Adam a painting that my nephew did of him for my Mom, and he said, "who did this?" I told him who, and then he told me that it was really nice, and to make sure to thank my nephew on his behalf for doing such a beautiful portrait of him. Adam said that he's seen many done of him, and my nephew did a really, really good job! I asked him to sign it, and he said "sure I'll sign it, should I write it to somebody?" I told him to write it to Isabel... so he wrote..."Isabel, You Rock! Thank you so much for all your love! Love, Adam Lambert". I got a hug from him too, great hugger he is, not just a simple one, he throws his arms all around you and gives you a real sincere hug. He was so, so sweet, those eyes and that captivating. What a gentleman too, good manners, and very caring of my Mom...he kneeled next to her chair and chatted with her as long as his management let him, you could see that he wanted to spend more time with her if he could've. We also met Adams' mom, Leila...what a sweetheart, I can see where Adam gets his wonderful personality, manners, and charm from. She was so nice to us, and we even got a picture with her.

Adam, if you ever read this, we wish you had some idea of just how special you are to us all, and just as my Mom told you, you are part of our family...we care about you so much, and wish every happiness, safe travels, success, love, laughter, and most of all respectfulness to you.

After meeting Adam, we were taken to our seats for the concert...right floor section, 4th row, in the aisle...great seats!! Adam came out and started singing...and our hearts just melted. He's even better an entertainer & singer in person than on TV, if you can even imagine that! OMG...the crowd went wild! My Mom just sat there in awe, with a huge smile on her face, tears in her eyes, singing along, and clapping.

Adam put on a show to end all shows...WOW...he truly is Adam-azing, especially when he did an AWESOME unrehearsed acoustic version of "Whole Lotta Love" so mesmerizing, and when he came out with a hat and feather jacket singing "Fever" very favorite classic rock song, and my favorite song of Adams'...boy, did I hit gold!! LOL Anyway, he smiled at the audience after every song, he just lights up a room with that smile. (I managed to get some pretty good pics and videos, but my camera broke on Monday on the way home. Now I can't take anymore pics or videos until I have it fixed.) Adam ended the show with his song "Down the Rabbit Hole" ...OMRG, can that guy entertain!! All the way thru the show you couldn't take your eyes off him, he can dance and sing like an angel AND a rock star! When that last song was over, the lights went up, Adam turned to look down at my Mom, pointed at her, waved, and blew her a kiss...boy was she tickled by that!!! ... ADAM, do you know what a genuinely beautiful soul you are?!

We can all learn something from him on how to treat other people. No matter who they are, where they're from, what their sexual preference is, who they look to as their higher being, any disability they may have, or what their likes & dislikes are, we need to all just get along, respect one another, have fun with life, don't judge others, look for good in everyone, stay grounded, and always remember not to dwell on the small stuff..."it ain't that deep" quoted by Adam. Ain't it the truth!

After the concert, a bunch of us went up to the '12 Lounge' to meet and listen to a jazz band playing there. Over near a VIP area, we sat, and Longineau & Monte both said hello to us again, & talked to my Mom a bit, they were so sweet to her. Later, Adams' mom came in for a just a short while. His Dad, Eber, was brought over to us by a fellow Glambert that wanted him to meet my Mom. He introduced himself to us, and said a few words to my Mom, until a girl interrupted, and then he left. Ma would've liked to chat with him a little more, he was very pleasant to both of us. WONDERFUL NIGHT WE HAD...AND MY MOM STILL CAN'T BELIEVE THIS WAS ACTUALLY DONE FOR HER!!! THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN!!!

On Sunday, we rested a bit. Took a walk, ran into a couple other fans, and spent the rest of the evening visiting with them. One girl from New York, and another from Denmark. (I'm not sure if they want their names mentioned, but they know who they are). Wonderful girls, and now our friends...we are so blessed to have met so many people from all over the world, and now we can keep in touch by tweets, facebook, or emails.


~ Isabel & Joy ~

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